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Ignite Realtime Blog: Openfire 4.1.4 Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is proud to announce the 4.1.4 release of Openfire. This release signifies our continued effort to have a stable 4.1 release series while work progresses on the next major release.  A changelog exists denoting our 14 resolved issues and you can download the release builds from our website.  The following table contains a reference of release build files, their associated sha1sums and the number of times the previous release for that build type was downloaded.

OS sha1sum Filename Version 4.1.3 Downloads
Linux RPM (32bit JRE) 8846cd55047d9871ef9357568e0c1a9f43c41652 openfire-4.1.4-1.i686.rpm 3,293 Linux RPM (No JRE) 61a89afb66d74d523addbd238bf0c008ffada8aa openfire-4.1.4-1.noarch.rpm 2,249 Linux RPM (64bit JRE) 8f370c7e9dfe530f7d05d93122ca72b9b563c92c openfire-4.1.4-1.x86_64.rpm 12,142 Linux .deb 83bf090c07daeacb59a97ddade1cd76c1dbb3030 openfire_4.1.4_all.deb 15,714 Mac OS 37664eee2235748653ce070e873e5064a8e49bed openfire_4_1_4.dmg 4,095 Windows EXE 1f417e66ec7ec729ff60cada797d112267370826 openfire_4_1_4.exe 43,598 Binary (tar.gz) 6c8c262fbcc00c84bf86aab3787485e619757cc0 openfire_4_1_4.tar.gz 7,377 Binary (zip) 25763a8273a5d7a66e322b3515c38dfa6c52dc6b 17,892 Source (tar.gz) 680aad9967cef70ba609bb82854b9f991c8cd9c5 openfire_src_4_1_4.tar.gz 1,872 Source (zip) 656ca8c2fe4679f340682e33e1042d6ae00f9ed3 6,273


As a reminder, our development of Openfire happens on Github and we have an active MUC development chat hosted at We are always looking for more folks interested in helping out, so please consider pitching in!


As always, please report any issues in the Community Forums and thanks for using Openfire!

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